Videos of non-sweet spot hand implant procedures?

My sweet spot on both hands is taken, and I’m planning on an xsiid LED on LH between metacarpals ii + iii (finger + middle).

Any videos of implants going in this spot? I’m feeling confident in approach and placement, but always looking to hoover up as much info as I can before picking up the needle.

Thanks so much!

Bunch of non position zero implants

Super helpful; thanks! Any particular reason for the proximal-to-distal direction of needle entry on the top of the hand than vice versa?

If your asking why he always goes in to out with the needle,

His shop his install style, fine enough with me, I only ever specified anything about install style with the flex needle… Amal had a video about how to prevent the skin flap from getting formed and shoved inside

I had him try that method. Which seemed fine


I’ve only ever heard the reason for that direction is to avoid the needle hitting cruxes where the metacarpals come together… but if you’re doing it right you’ll be in the fascia tissue well above bones man… so it never made sense to me.

Still, the professional is the one doing the installation so it’s up to them.