VivoKey Apex flex not readable

Hello everyone,

I got my new Apex flex implanted 4 days ago :slight_smile:

Before implanting it under the skin, the chip was being read and working smoothly.

Since it is under the skin I can’t detect it, I was wondering if this is normal, maybe there is liquid between the chip and the skin that doesn’t allow contact…
But the wound seems almost already healed :slight_smile:

I was just wondering how long I have to wait to start worrying ahaha

Or if I should do something to wake him up from his sleep.

a lot swelling for sure
yes this is not unexpected
I only have bigger flexies and even from them I don’t expect to read well the first week

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You are probably right, mine is a very novice question :slight_smile:

The nice thing is that I realized now that with certain apps like mtools on Android in some cases I am able to detect it, but it is not detected by any other app and much less by iPhone.

I will wait! But I am looking forward to being able to use it!

In other people’s personal experience how readable and writable does it become after that?

Sorry for the really trivial question, don’t beat me up it’s just impatience :joy:

After its FULLY healed, It is super easy to read and write.
although I dont have an iPhone.

I would link some apps, but they would be Android Apps.

Go to your app store, and download

  • Fidesmo
  • Apex Manager
    You could also get Vivokey Authenticator. but the Vivokey OTP from Fidesmo will do the same thing for you

Yep…we have all been there, its like getting a toy for Christmas but not having any batteries…and the shops dont open for 2 weeks


I find even now that it has healed the read performance with my Apex Mega is worst on iPhone compared with all of my other readers.

The general trend I’ve observed is battery powered devices and particularly iPhones are the worst, USB readers are the best. I’ve also found some readers work better when the implant is not hard up against it.

You will learn with time how to position things and what works where.

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