VivoKey Apex update

Sorry if you posted this before, but you have a link or method you can share for getting a P71 chip (any form factor) for testing?

Will this hybrid version will still support locally developed app installations (via the existing Fidesmo platform)?

As I understand it, yes.

Unfortunately, we gave away our last ones.

PM me, there’s a Chinese seller I know who may have something.

yeah each form factor will require its own cert process … likely the glass Max version will be first to go through cert.


im pretty sure i know the answer but just to clarify, once the payment platforms decide to let you, payment can be enabled after implantation right? we will eventually be able to scan the implant and enable it (hopefully), right?

yes… in theory… if MasterCard said “yes, the Apex Flex is approved for contactless payment” then yes, in theory, it could be enabled for payment “in the field”… in theory. They could easily be right pricks and mandate that “only units sold since approval” be enabled … but hopefully that will not be the case and approval will apply to units already sold.


So, not to be the guy as I’m still wrapping my head around the EMV stuff

The chip is now capable of doing EMV things

Could we not create some work around to tie a card to the apex? Or is it truely in the hands of MasterCard / Visa?

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Incredible! Well done Amal, you’ve been struggling with those chips for so long. Hopefully yg feel be some way to load in payment Tokenisation in the field once Mastercard/visa realise people already have this tech in them.

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I WANT IN!!! I volunteer! !!



Very excited.


It is truly in their hands. They created and operate their own payment networks. They say what goes on with their own networks. EMV is simply a standards body that defines the hows, not the whys.


Glad to see it is taking off!


Thanks for the great update Amal

Also, Thank you for all the work you have been doing in the background that we don’t know about, plus all of that whilst running DT, answering our continuous stream of questions on the multiple platforms you monitor.

Also, a BIG THANKS to @fraggersparks , @RyuuzakiJulio and anybody else ( @Satur9 ? ) involved in the Vivokey Products that we don’t know about.

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You worked it out - he’s one of us indeed.


I kinda cheated though, I was about 98% sure he was


Hahaha you have no idea, we are absolutely around the clock 24/7 working on at least 3-4 projects at the same time for VivoKey all over the world. I am amazed that Amal is able to keep all the new projects hush-hush. But yeah, VivoKey is evolving like you have no idea. Great time to be a Cyborg… Although I haven’t joined the club yet lol. But 2020 sounds like a good year to start that Cyborg life.


We really do appreciate and look forward to it.

Do tell, we wont tell Amal you told us :wink:

What will be your first?


How much user-available memory space is there on that chip?

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Maybe not exactly the answer you are after

I guess it will depend on what, and how many applets you deploy…But I guess you are asking, size BEFORE any deployment

not exactly the answer you are after

But this maybe be closer

( From the same thread )

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Okay, so let me rephrase that: once you factor out the minimal set of “obligatory” apps that make an Apex worth having and other overhead for the chip’s configuration and internal variables, how much is left for the user to do as they please, roughly?

EDIT: just saw the rest of the reply. Nevermind. Thanks :slight_smile:

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