Vivokey Authenticator

So I just installed a new ROM on my phone and was going through the process of getting my apps back and everything when I realized that Vivokey Authenticator doesn’t seem to be on the play store anymore.

Did I miss something about this going away? I actually use the app on a near daily basis as it is my 2FA for nearly every account I have.

It should show up if you type vivokey? Or maybe I missed something too? :smile: /s

I mean the Vivokey Authenticator app specifically. The one made for the Flex One Beta.

Ohhhh my bad mate. I’m just gonna throw a @fraggersparks in here real quick

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All good! Maybe I should go to my mirror and say @fraggersparks three times and see what happens


You’re correct. Very odd, I downloaded it a few months ago.

I’ll find out mate.

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Hmmm, you could get it from APK Pure

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Thanks! I never realized exactly how much I relied on it until I no longer had it:P

Thanks mate!

Looks like they queried some information on the app, which was provided, but they didn’t re-publish it.

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I actually had no idea this was even a thing. Is it worth setting up & using now or will there be major revamps in the foreseeable future that are best to wait for?

To add further questions, how easy is it to set up for multiple sites? My current Authy install has 19 sites and that is excluding the ones that use my yubikey for 2fa instead.

Just to say if you read some of the info this isn’t for the spark or spark2 only the flex one beta

It’s no harder than any other Authenticator app. It supports TOTP mainly.

It requires a Flex One Beta, or an Apex, with the requisite app installed.

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Does it look like it’ll be able to be put back online?

Unsure yet, it’s still the weekend in the US so I don’t have access yet.