VivoKey chip sample (no bio-safe requirements)


I’m a coder; I want to buy a sample of whatever chip will be used in the VivoKey so I can write software for it. Don’t need it to be bio-safe at all.

Am I correct in thinking that the chip used will be the NXP SmartMX2 P60? If not, what chip will be used, and where can I get/buy a sample?


Hey, yes the VivoKey will be based on the P60 SECID chip running JCOP 3 with SDK 3.0.4 support. At the moment we only have 20 sample chips in possession. Production of the chip only started last month, so it’s not possible to purchase anything right now. I’ll let you know once we have test cards available.

What kind of apps are you thinking you’d like to develop? We are always looking for dev projects we can support.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’m interested in signatures, key infrastructure, voting and trust/identity management. I’m thinking more in terms of group/corporate authorisation than opening my door :slight_smile:

You say you’ll be able to let me know when demo cards are available - how?

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Two ways… you could subscribe to the mail list at or we could chat about contributing to VivoKey applet open source development efforts and I can send you free cards when we get them :slight_smile:

Sweet - I’ve signed up to that mailing list. I can’t see how to send you a DM, but it would be good to chat further?

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Just click on my name from one of the posts in this thread… should be a “message” button that pops up :slight_smile:

Hey - I don’t think I’ve got enough forum permissions to do that (new account). I sent a message through the contact page on your site, so I hope that gets through :slight_smile:

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I know is being a long time. But just wanted to bring this up again since we got new API and libraries for android and iPhone apps that works with VivoKey

There is the link to demo cards that work as VivoKey products for developing purposes.


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