I just scanned my Spark 1 incidentally, and I got brought to this page:

I was checking the Vivokey API out earlier, so I know is still up, but did get dropped for profile pages?

I let Amal know

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yep supposed to be on auto-renewal but this domain wasn’t. fixed now. in fact, i’m going to just register it for the next 10 years.


100 years, VivoKey. We’re gonna go on so many adventures. Double-yew double-yew double-yew dot VivoKey dot co.


:flushed: that could have gone wrong what if someone would have bought it like the guy who bought

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Pretty sure the original domain owner gets a couple of weeks to renew and rectify, BEFORE it becomes open for purchase by others.

Haha I actually have backup snipe services on all critical domains waiting to snag em if I go so insane as to let them lapse and also let them slip from redemption.


It’s a lot longer than that… redemption period is 30 days alone and I think that starts 14 - 30 days after expiration… you have a lot of chances to keep it.

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All of that is very reassuring