Vivokey Flex Beta

Hi, the Vivokey beta signup was sent to my spam, and I was still able to fill out the beta application form, is it still possible to join and get a coupon to buy one? Since I would love to try it.

@amal can correct me if I am wrong but it is a private beta that is no longer accepting open applications

Correct… the beta is closed. However, if the person is particularly skilled and interested in development, we might be able to make exceptions.

I can send my portfolio if you are interested, I do a lot of work with full-stack web, mobile development, cryptography, and nn algorithms. I only started working with NN recently though, however I have certs for pen-testing, reverse engineering, as well as full stack web development.

I am however am a lot more skilled and have more experience in back end api and front end client UI/UX development (10 years), and only (3 years) in pen testing and cryptography. (only 1 year in NN’s)

Let’s chat… PM headed your way…