VivoKey Flex One Bioglass Implant

Hey guys
So heres my current situation:
I want a way to pay with an implant, which lead me to the VivoKey Flex One.
Fidesmo Pay is possible with a german bankaccount. Although I’m from Switzerland it wouldn’t be a problem to get one.

Now to my question:
Are there any plans to convert this implant into a bioglass implant like the NExT? This is kind of holding me back from getting one as soon as they officially release.

Flex One is not available at the moment at all, if I understand it correctly.

Oh nice, I didn’t catch that. Here is more info if anyone is interested.

No one at DT has mentioned plans for that so far. Knowing how they operate, they are either already planning that or there is some technical hurdle that they need to overcome before the implant is up to their standards of performance. We shall see.


I see, might have to overcome myself and get the Flex installed when it comes out.

We’ve just gotten a U2F stick (Yubikey) at work, which would be quite sick to replace with an implant.

Fidesmo Pay isn’t available on the Flex One as yet - and from my understand may be a bit more involved than installing an app (I believe the Fidesmo devices are pre-provisioned with a Mastercard app). I talked to Fidesmo when it first came out - they still need approval for each form factor from Mastercard.