VivoKey Flex One how to get it?

I would like to get the Vivokey Flex One, but how do I do it since the price is 1,000?
He’s still in BETA?

I wanted to order one, but apparently they do not do more in BETA test …

The implant has good results?

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It’ll be a while yet from what I hear. No beta testing now.

The beta is a closed private beta and we’re full at the moment. We do plan on launching a public beta before the end of the year though.


Can a Vivokey Flex One chip pay bitcoin like Martijn Wismeijer did with his NXT implant on several video’s at a POS terminal or is it just a wallet? It’s a bit confusing.

So without the phone just sweeping the hand over the POS terminal.

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There is a section on bitcoin.

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Simple question. Can I pay bitcoin with my private key stored on a VivoKey Flex One just as Martijn Wismeijer did with his implants or do I need a phone?

Simple answer. Yes, you can process Bitcoin transactions with the correct Java Card applet installed on the VivoKey Flex One without the use of a cell phone.


Only 3 more months until a public beta! So there’s good news with suppliers and distributors the .


Hey @amal any specific place we should stay tuned to know about the public beta when it arrives? I get the impression these are gonna go quick and I would hate to miss out.

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We will be announcing on all standard DT and VivoKey channels, including;

DT Facebook Page
VK Facebook Page
DT Instagram
VK Instagram
DT Twitter
VK Twitter

The public beta will not be limited like the private beta was. The terms of the beta will simply be that this is a relatively new chip, basically untested under all scenarios. We are also experimenting with a new die encapsulation process, but may stick with the MOB packaged chips of yore.


Also just curious, is the public beta gonna be on the p71 or still the p60 chip?

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P71 definitely. The P60 is dead. Anyone want to buy a whole crapload of P60 MOB packaged chips?


great! DM headed your way.



Same issue guys! Please help?


You want a flexone if so no dice the beta is no longer open and you’ll have to wait until the apex line comes out like the rest of us eagerly waiting.

If you have bricked your existing flexone I suggest you head over to and click the orange floating help box.