VivoKey Flex One

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With the upcoming release of the VivoKey Flex One, would there be any reason to pick a dedicated NFC Type 4 chip instead (I assume they would be functionally identical)?

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Depends on your application and what you want to do. Vivokey is more or less a chip that is a computer. It can do crypto generation and signing among many other cool things. The xNT however is just storage.


The xNT is an NFC type 2 tag. I don’t think the OP meant that one.

If you’re talking about NFC type 4 chips like the flexDF, the flex One is a different beast. The flex One is a standalone cryptographic processor (supports Java Card applets). The flexDF is a memory storage device, like the xNT, but it has a file system hierarchy on it so one chip can communicate to multiple unrelated reader systems and only tell them what they need to know.

Personally, I had a flexDF installed to play around with for ~1yr, and when I’m ready I’m going to get that removed and replaced with a flex One in one procedure. You should talk with your artist and make sure they’re cool with it before you plan to do something like that, though.

My apologies if I was unclear, I was under the impression that the Flex One was merely simulating a type 4 NFC card and perhaps might be lacking features from the original. So does the Flex One include an embedded type 4 NFC card or just simulated variant?

No, the Flex One just simulates a type 2 card, I’m not sure about type 4 though, haven’t toyed with it. There’s nothing super crazy going on underneath, just making it look like a type 2 (or 4 if that’s the case).

Additionally, my apologies for the misunderstanding. I thought you said type 2.

The Flex One can emulate a Mifare Classic or DESFire EV1 chip… it has that capability built into the chip hardware. The Mifare Classic emulation is not NFC compliant, but the DESFire emulation is type 4 compliant. In addition to that, or rather instead of that, you can also load our NDEF applet on and it will act as a NFC Type 4 NDEF AID applet… meaning if you want NFC Type 4 compliance, the ndef applet can give.yoynthst without having all the overhead of DESFire chip emulation.


Thank you, this makes much more sense now. Is there a datasheet for the chip I can get hold of? I would like to get started with some development for the chip.

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It’s a P60 SECID chip. The datasheet is googleable, but I can’t release the “full” datasheet as it’s under NDA. All you need really is java sdk 3.0.4 from Oracle to get started.