Vivokey implants

Should I implant the vivokey spark 2? Or buy a different implant ? I don’t know which to buy need help

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You are not giving us a lot to go on.
I would reccomend you do some reading to help you figure out what you want to achieve and what your use cases are.

have a look in
and this FAQ
as a starter

get some reading under your belt, it will make it easier for us to help you and for you to decide


I recently bought the vivokey spark 2 but it’ says to not implant , And is it only for Android ?

You are looking at the included X Field Detector (… this is not an implant. The Spark 2 chip is inside the needle of the injection assembly.

Please ask as many questions as possible before you attempt to use the Spark 2… you need to read a lot more to understand how to properly utilize such a device.

Currently we only have an Android app, but an iOS application is in the works.

I understand I’m very grateful for your help I want to use it for my car and payment method , How would I go about doing that ?

This will require a lot of knowledge and hacking your car, or car key, or both. There are no straightforward “off the shelf” solutions for this.

Not possible with the Spark -

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