VivoKey location

So I’m putting the xMagic in my L0, and I was wondering where a good place to install the VivoKey for easy access and not bulge the skin.

Vivokey = Company
Apex = Product
Flex = Model

Do you mean the Apex Flex?

Mine is P1(L) and it is not visible, and I can read it easily by holding my phone in my Right hand and reading Left…

It’s the spark2, finally going to finish up my implants wait for stuff to heal before adding everything I need.

I have the original Spark, Originally I put it in my P0 L, But I didnt think far enough ahead, I have since moved it to my P11, again this is easy to use, But I always reccomend this location (as well as all other locations) to be installed by a pro.

Really the choice of location is your, but dont be like me.
Plan ahead.
I did this afterwards, and made a hand map, including the implants and locations I wanted, I crossed them off as I got them.
This worked well for me

Well the only thing is I have no dt implantation verified person around, so I’m having to have someone who’s not used to installing much, but they were the one who did my first install.