Vivokey Question

I’ve been eyeing Vivokey for quite awhile but I have not seen any update on their website. Their site just redirects me here and I am not seeing the Vivokey for sale. Is this something that will never happen?

Hi @BrunoVic, it’s been years in the making, but we are down to the last millimeters. A private beta program is being created now and we expect it to launch very soon.

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Awesome I am glad it is still coming. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m very interested in the beta. looking forward to hearing more!

That’s great to hear. I also was starting to think it was dead. Very excited about the chip and have already done some exploratory coding.

Any word on when we might get the basics of an interface, or basic info of how the chip will be accessed?

Cant wait for this to be available as a product! would the same implant procedure of asking a local tattoo/piercing shop to do it for me be viable with Vivokey? (if i need to post my own thread let me know and i will)

@GrimEcho it will support Java Card 3 applets. We are partnered with Fidesmo for app deployment. Check out their developer program!

@poixninja it will require scalpel work, some dermal elevation, and likely sutures. You will need a body mod artist or medical professional to assist with installation.

Thank you for your response!

Cool! I’ve done a ton of Java programming but nothing with Java Card yet. Looks like a great stack for the chip. From Fidesmo, it looks like I’ll be able to design a Java Card applet, copy it to an Android phone, then use Fidesmo’s app to deploy it to the VivoKey? (edit – just saw another post confirming this).

Do you know when the selections for the closed beta will be made?

Almost right… you create a developer account with Fidesmo and you can then push your CAP file to them, then deploy it to VivoKey with their Android app. It’s kinda the same idea as publishing an Android app to the Play Store (or iTunes if you’re nasty).