Vivokey release

Is there any information as to when the Vivokey will be out of the private beta?

Hi DJ-2096,

Let me find out the latest information with this BETA. There have been developments in this arena. I will get back to you in the next 24-48 hours.

My best,


I’m also interested in the release date - thank you!

Can you send me that information as well? I’m really interested in being in the next round.

as would I if possible, thanks

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We are on the cusp of opening the beta to the public. We are going to fulfill the delayed orders for the private beta group first, then work through installations and first reports from with regard to healing and performance… then after we are satisfied, the beta will open to the public and remain in beta for some time as we collect more information.


@amal has the cost for joining the public beta been worked out yet?

It will be published soon :slight_smile:

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Waiting to be part of the new release too. Please contact me if possible. Will try to follow the updates.

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