Vivokey Spark insert needle

Hello, I went to have my vivokey spark inserted today and was not able to. The kit supplied had a needle which was too small for the chip to fit inside. Please advise? We got some other chips put inside of me but was excited to get the vivokey installed. I rebooked for next Tuesday so any help appreciated.

Wow, ok, did you take the injector out of its pouch already? If you did you have an issue as it is no longer sterile and should not be used.

The chip comes pre-loaded into a sterile injector. You don’t have to load it. What implant were you trying to put in to the needle?

Your installer should have been referred to the professional installation instructions.

Yes I think this was addressed via Facebook messenger. The xLED field detector is included in the kit, but it is not the chip implant. All of our implantable chips are pre-loaded into their injector assemblies.