Vivokey Web browser / Android Powershare?

Hello! I was noticing that I haven’t seen any browsers on the app store that support NFC authentication for things and I was wondering if that could be a potential idea for someone to explore? As a few example ideas that the browser could support; using NFC to authenticate purchases, auto fill forms like for delivery/shipping, quick open specific URLs set in some settings, auto fill & sign in logins, tasks, auto pause/play videos (if possible) just off the top of my head, and I’m sure there’s other ideas I haven’t thought of.

Another idea/question.

Since Android brought Powershare, could we maybe use that to get back NFC authentication? Or would we not be able to unlock the screen even if we could read it? I simply ask this since the NFC reader is on even when the screen is off while using Powershare, which makes me think that you could potentially read data while it’s off.

I’m not familiar with Android programming or the architecture, so I’m unsure how well that last one would work out haha



The VivoKey Vault will be launched shortly and that will allow you to authenticate with a Spark or Apex to autofill passwords. It will operate similarly to Bitwarden. It will have browser plugins, so you can use it with your existing web browser.

As for using Powershare to recreate NFC Smart Unlock. I’m pretty sure Powershare is Samsung specific, not Android in general. You’re right about the major hurdle to NFC phone unlocking being the activation of the field while the phone is in the lock screen. I suspect that repurposing the Powershare functionality would require a rooted device, and with the the increased prevalence of Android Safety Net enabled apps that is just not as popular as it once was.

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Would you happen to know if the Vivokey Vault will be universal across both Windows and Android platforms? For example, I have the Bitwarden plugin for Vivokey running on Firefox in Windows, but I haven’t seen any way to do that on either Firefox or Chrome on Android. :wink:

That’s definitely a @fraggersparks question. He’s spearheading the dev effort for the vault

yep we have clients for android and browser extensions for chrome and firefox… no desktop client yet but that’s totally still possible.

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Is developed, already. It’s an Electron app.

That’s handled by the Android app - it can act as an autofill agent.


How does this work? I have been dying for this feature, and I have had it all along?

Do you know if Vivokey Vault is open to Beta testing?

Not at this time, sorry. We’re working on it.

Edit: the reason is that we have many competing priorities and projects, and it takes a lot of love to make this vault work.


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I hope it helps you out fragger.

Plenty more where that came from


Okay this just really piqued my interest!
Lately I was thinking about a password manager that integrates implants as a core feature. This might justify a Spark for me (because the Apex will surely release after the Vivokey Vault :rofl: )

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Code like the wind @fraggersparks this is easily the project I’m most excited to see come to fruition.