Walletmor Implant and Rock Climbing

Was thinking about getting a Walletmor, it’d be my very first implant. My main concern is that I rock climb a lot, and was wondering about any other rock cllimber’s experience with implants here. The biggest challenge would be with crack climbing specifically - it’s not a style of climbing I do often but I wouldn’t want to bar myself from doing it because of this.

So, could I break something like the Walletmor implant? I understand it’ll depend on where the implant is - have any of you found placing the Walletmor implant on the upper arm, instead of in the hand, inconvenient or annoying for paying?


I’m not an avid rock climber, but I did some while I was in Alaska, and I used to climb cell phone towers. I haven’t had an issue with my implants. I found out while climbing cellphone towers that I lean on my forearm a lot near where my flexMT is located. I haven’t had an issue climbing with the forearm location.


I mostly climb trad. I don’t have anything in my hands for this reason. I have an apex on the back of one of my wrists and it’s never been bothered. I have been considering p11 as an option. It could be out of the way for fist cracks. Potentially.

Edit: Actually, I do have some stuff in my hangs. I have a titan and a xg3v2 in my knife blades. Flexies haven’t faired well in knife blades historically.


Ah cool, great to know!!! I kind of wonder if the Walletmor implant at p11 makes sense for me, it could be awkward to pay from that position. I think I’m leaning towards the back of my wrist like you have with your apex.

Btw, the implants in your knife blades haven’t been a bother for you with fist cracks?

Edit: Then again, I really badly would like having the implant on the back of my hand… do you think a flexie could potentially take a crack climbing beating and be fine? if I do this, I’m starting to think I might have to be the guinea pig hahaha

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That’s great to know, thank you.

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Eh… I wouldn’t put money on most surviving something like a full season at the Creek. Certainly not if you’re mostly climbing granite. The exception to this would be the flexEm. That thing is a tank what with the chip being surrounded by the giant copper coil. I’ve beat the hell out of mine and it just keeps going.

It also doesn’t feel great with a lot of pressure on an implant. Sometimes it can be painful. Just be aware of that before you volunteer to do some testing :wink:

I haven’t noticed either implant while throwing fists. The knife blade is pretty meaty though :man_shrugging:


I would definitely go for the wrist. I gave up crack climbing when I got my flexnext on the back of the hand but I was more into parkour and bouldering than crack climbing anyway.

It’s more like bending it slightly hundreds of times until the solder joints start to peel off rather that break in the way you imagine it.

I was an idiot and went climbing in the week following my flexnext install. Turns out the chalk(or tape?) gave me a pretty nasty rash on the whole surface of the implant. (I assume because the skin was weakened and some sort of parasite got in there). It went away with a bunch of creams but keep that in mind when healing, climbing gyms are nasty :wink:


I try to avoid all positions in my hands due to climbing. The FlexSecure is placed in my left wrist, I never had issues with that position even when climbing larger cracks. Scanning it can be annoying at times due to its position, but thats no issue for me as I only use it with my phone and PC. I suppose if you angle your hand towards yourself, you could get a reasonably good contact with an EMV terminal.

If you go gym climbing only, placing a chip on top / side of your hand might be okay? Not sure. Depending on your style of crack climbing (tape / fist etc.) you might be okay, but it might be uncomfortable. I don’t think the chip would break though.

I definitely would not recommend finger positions for any kind of climbing.

Edit: Install Videos and Pictures 🩸 - #269 by StarGate01 (My implant location)