Walletmor implant expired , Repurpose chip

Ahoy mates!

Today I received an email from Purewrist stating they’re discontinuing Purewrist Direct Accounts. My Walletmor implant also expired this month; are these two date correlated? I don’t know… Walletmor’s website is no longer up as well, not looking good.
Either way this leads me to ask the inevitable.

Does anyone have experience with repurposing the Walletmor implant or payment chips in general?

You’re the second person to mention this. For me, it works just fine. It feels like they have blocked some countries. Can you try with a VPN?

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It begins to load for me, wallet of tommorow graphic then hard crashes and says unavailable :man_shrugging:t2:

Crashes with USA based ip

Stable with a Germany based ip


100% lol

The US based Walletmor implants were built with purewrist conversion chips,

And purewrist only ever bought 1 single batch of chips so they ALL had the same expiration date of July 2023, which was fine 3 years ago… but it you bought a purewrist a year and a half ago, you still had a july 2023 expiration date :confused:

I think their business mode collapsed and they couldn’t justify buying another run of chips

Only people who cared about their products were people like us who were going to hack their chips I to stuff most likely

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What an interesting coincidence…

I don’t think that it’s possible to write anything to those. But you should be able to use that chip with UID based locks.

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Yep, this is the same message I received. Walletmor has not responded to my emails as well. I have this month and 30$ left to confuse the Starbucks cashier.

@enginerd Agreed, utilizing the chip as a UIP key is the current plan. My Amazon 13.56mhz reader doesn’t recognize it but my Proxmark3 does.

If I find any other pertinent applications or rewriting success, I’ll post it here.


I’ve been trying to reach out to walletmor for months and haven’t heard a damn thing, it’s like we’ve been abandoned and like, I get shit happens but to completely ignore us? @amal i know this isn’t on your end but do you know why contact with the us market has been nonexistent?

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Now that I think about it, wouldn’t be entirely shocked if some kind of lawsuit or legal thing was going on behind the scenes against walletmor

The way they did it WAS a bit of a technicality

Perhaps silence was mandated or something, OR I’m just tinfoiling here

hi guys… a few things going on in the personal life at the moment so i’m not responsive as i could be… here’s a dump;


When they went down for a few months and had shit comms with customers I speculated that they were done for. Miraculously they came back online somehow… but several red flags were triggered with that fiasco.

From nearly the moment Walletmor discovered the chip expiration date was a problem, we started asking when a new batch of chips would be available for Walletmor to convert with a better date. They kept saying a new batch of chips was in the works… but as we know now this never came to pass.

When Purewrist went offline a few months back, I personally put Walletmor US out of stock on the website. I had the ability to do this because Dangerous Things was also doing fulfillment for Walletmor US on top of manufacturing. As far as I understand it, it was not the intention of Walletmor to stop selling chips in the US, but I had bad feelings about this and so I dropped the inventory to 0 and disallowed backorders for the US. As we can see now, that was the right call.


Currently my only involvement with Walletmor is as a vendor - Dangerous Things manufactures conversions for Walletmor. Out of habit and, well, a sense of obligation to the biohackers that purchased Walletmor products, I still provide some level of support when asked. There are also currently some issues to sort out with Walletmor regarding manufacturing arrangements for EU payment implants.

Plans for the US

All I can say right now is that there is a plan being mulled over / considered / noodled to create payment implant option that is a Dangerous Things offering… but at this exact moment, with Purewrist shutting down, there does not appear to be any options available for US customers.


Excellent info as always, wasn’t trying to pry… more just speculating… if that’s ever a problem I can shut it


Absolutely no problem… just been preoccupied lately. Giving some clarification was over due.