Walletmor Installation Location

Hi there! I recently put in an order for a Walletmor and was planning on installing it on the side of my hand but saw this notice in my confirmation email:

Very important: Following a number of unexpected issues with the implants installed on the side of the hand, a place called “knife-edge”, we no longer recommend this location for installing the implant. The best and recommended location for the implant is either the upper part of the hand or the forearm, just above the wrist.

Do you know what these “unexpected issues” are and whether I should try installing in this location?

There were a few devices installed along the knife edge of the hand that stopped functioning. If you would like to place it in a similar location you can still install on the top of the hand on the outside of the small or pinky finger metacarpal, as long as it’s still on the top side of the hand that should be okay.

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