Walletmor Procedure in London, UK

Does anyone know where in London, UK I can get my Walletmor installed? I have emailed a few shops but nobody seems to be able to do it.

Check out ksec


@greydoc i believe is a local, he maybe able to help you out

I can do an install for you. I live just outside of London but come in quite regularly. I’ll be in London next weekend for example.


This wasn’t what I was implying when I suggested you, more of a, “Greydoc may be able to recommend somebody / somewhere”

But you are a good cunt for offering your services :+1:

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Ha, it’s no problem, if you look at most local bylaws surrounding piercings the only exception is registered health professionals who can perform the procedures without the relevant local council licensing.

Having performed loads of minor ops under local anaesthetic as well as having had 3 implants in myself (including the Walletmor) it’s something I feel very confident performing. Also I am uniquely able to offer post install care and private prescriptions if necessary.

Kinda makes sense.


Hi greydoc,

How can I contact you regarding a possible installation of a Walletmor please?


Forum has DM function.

Clicking on user will allow you to send them message.

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I tried, but unfortunately no such option for me. Perhaps it’s restricted for new forum members?

DM sent.

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