Want to learn more about NFC/RFID, chips etc

Hi all,

Just wondering where might be a good place to start with this.

I work in an electrical engineering field and have lots of previous hobbyist experience with electronics and some with RF (from an amateur radio point of view) and a bit with access control tech (mostly tecom equipment) so I’m wanting to round out my knowledge a bit with more background to fill in the gaps.

I have a proxmark3 RDV4.01 and a few other toys which I got in my ‘RFID Pentester Pack’ (complete) from Lab401 so as usual I have all the tools before I know what to do with them!

I also had a NExT installed at L0 a week ago and will jump on the Vivokey Apex as soon as it’s available so very much a learning by doing approach which after 29 years figuring it out I’m quite sure is the way I learn best.

I’ll make another post about an electric door lock project I have on the boil but still waiting on most of the parts.

So, I guess,

Hi (/waves) I’m Ethan and I want to learn more things.


I’m here to learn similar information. I’m an IT guy by trade, but my RF knowledge is extremely low. I’m a huge advocate for Googling things, but I’d honestly like to see what folks can recommend as far as suggested reading or instructional information to learn more about the fundamentals and the basics with the aim to learn how to use the PM3 for all of its capabilities. Thanks for asking this question. I had been waiting to figure out how to ask it in a similar way.


I am relatively new myself, but here is what I did (for experience as much as anything)

Got an HID Proxpro cheap on eBay and made it into a short range hunt pad with an ESP-RFID-Tool. This just lets me see what a scan of an HID tag looks like.

I set a tag to have a specific key code using the Proxmark3 and scanned it. Then I tried cloning that chip. I’ve also since used a Keysy as well with that set up.

I have simulated an NFC tag with a Chameleon which was tested against my front door lock.

I am still mostly just playing around with them but I have Proxspace set up on Windows and the RRG tools on Android and a Linux client. I have scanned all of the chips I get, when I come across them, and played with most of the basic commands in the tools.

If you don’t have a specific goal in mind it is worth just playing around like this, seeing what you can get to work, and what doesn’t. I also have a blue cloner and an acr122u that I don’t really use yet.

I try and make notes on what actually works for me as I go… But I am not always successful.


From previous conversations, I am pretty sure Amal won’t mind me posting / sharing this here.

It is a great resource, and if you are more of a tactile person, the a hard copy can often be found on ebay, Amazon etc.

RFID Toys: Cool Projects for Home, Office and Entertainment


RFID_Toys_-_Amals_book.pdf (10.2 MB)

Some of the project parts lists etc. are obsolete, but the information within is not.
It is a very good “jumping off point”

I actually own the book, which lives on my project desk, but I have a saved copy on my phone… (shared above)