Want to open NFC lock with NExT implant

I bought a lock online that said it was 13.56 NFC, I want to be able to program my chip to open it but can’t figure it out. The machine won’t beep when I swipe my chip but will beep if a card is swiped. Any help is great, thank you

I am pretty sure that lock requires a mifare chip and won’t work with the HF side of the NExT unfortunately.

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Ah I see, I guess I got too excited and bought it early. Thanks for the help

The antenna performance is also not great with those. I actually have several of these on the way to me now to lock down some cupboards but without an antenna hack, I don’t think an implant will work with it… maybe a flexM1 … maybe… I can test… but even a flexM1 would not work through a cabinet door… what this lock is designed for. It might work if you put it right up to the plastic housing of the lock itself.


Hmmm I’ll have to test some stuff out. Any lock you know of that is compatible with the NExT chip, I might boost the antenna if I can find one.

In what way you can modify the antenna to make it read?

In theory you should be able to take it out of the plastic case and put it on the outside of the cupboard door. It’s a little ugly that way but it should work.

If you search the forum for “rothult” ( IKEA version ) you might find a suggestion for a mod…
I will do it for you

I have both of these locks,
not using them correctly since they underperforming.
So I ordered now some antenna coils, I will tray to replace them with the original antenna.