Wanting advice about the NeXT implant

Hello all!

I’m thinking of getting a NeXT implant and want to know a few things about it before putting it in my body.

My use case for this device would be to clone existing cards so I can use the implant instead of them, what do I need to be able to clone the cards?

Are there different devices needed for different card specifications?

How can I test that the clone worked?

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Update: So from my research so far, the NExT chip is a single chip which allows both 125khz and 13.56mhz on a single chip, to clone data from one card to another I can use the blue cloner for 125khz and a phone for 13.56mhz

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Have a next in my wrist
Couple things

There are several devices you could use but it comes down to either a proxmark3 or a China blue cloner

The proxmark let’s you get into the nitty gritty, but is dangerously close to coding, and hurts my brain at times will work for 125khz and 13.56mhz
Expensive… unless you get the “easy” version which has its own draw backs

The blue cloner is 2-3 buttons, read/write
But it doesn’t work on every version of 125khz
But it does work on the most common 3
It places a password on the chip after it writes, but If all you use is the cloner, the cloner knows it’s own password which is something commonly known like 1234567890
Very cheap

The blue cloner gets some flak because the t5577 side of the next doesn’t have tear protection, meaning if you hit the write button and move to early, it won’t write everything correctly, and can semi or fully brick your chip

There is a mod I plan to copy, where the antenna is reorientated to get better coupling to the chip

Important thing to note, you will only be able to use 1 ID per side of the next, so 1 125kz uid and 1 13.56mhz uid

If you have more than 1 of each system you will need to enroll the uid into each system

In regards to the 13.56 side, you can do a lot of programming from your cellphone since most are nfc compatible but there are some cellphones that lack nfc (old)

I mean, if you have a device (besides the blue cloner) that can write… more than likely it can read
So you could just read the chip info to see if it looks correct

… but there’s only one :point_up: way to really know lol

Stick your hand in front of a reader lol


Thank you, this clears up a few questions I had about it… but has also caused more.

  1. You said the t5577 doesn’t have tear protection, would you be able to elaborate on it? I am a tad confused as to what that means.

  2. You said the cloner puts a password on the chip after cloning, again would you be able to elaborate on this.

  3. You said I will only be able to use 1 ID per side of the NeXT, that makes sense but what you said below that confuses me too.

tl;dr could you elaborate on the topics above and/or explain them to me in basic terms?

Thank you for the help!

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At first the type of your card would be interesting, then you should choose the correct implant for that.

So, have you scanned the cards with your phone? NFC Tools or Tag Reader. Does it show anything?

The cloner sets a password so you need the password (or the cloner) to overwrite it again.

Cloners can brick chips because they dont couple well (magnetic field magic).
In most cases they can be repaired if using a tool with a proper antenna later.


I have not scanned the card yet. I will do it now.

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Kk hit us up with results then.
Also, have you seen this yet?

The wiki is a great resource!


Update: so I attempted to scan 2 cards with the NFC tools app. One worked, the other didn’t.

The card that worked showed this info: Tag Type: ISO 14443-4

I suspect that the other card didn’t work because it might have been 125khz?

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Very likely, NExT LF Side or xEM will probably be the right for this.

Ugh Tag Reader screenshot pls? (If you want you can censor your ID!)

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It showed no ID, I assume you mean the serial number?

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Yeah you may wanna keep that private.

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This card would be nice to clone, but not needed, the main one I want to clone is the 125khz one.

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I’d say grab a NExT and blue cloner then :slight_smile:

Others would need to help you with the HF card, they’d probably need a Tag Reader screenshot.
I’m off, g’night!


the problem with NFC Tools is, it is not particularly good at accurately identifying Chips.
If you download TagInfo by NXP that will give you a better idea of what you are looking at.

Grab that app and upload it here so we can help you out