Waterproof NFC reader?

Hey all, I am looking to unlock my US residential front door with NFC, and I do not like the Samsung locks. A friend recommended I actually hook up an NFC reader to something like a Raspberry Pi that would then transmit the BLE code. This is intriguing and I’ve already got a couple Pi zeros laying around. Given that the NFC reader would be outside near my door I’m interested in finding a reader that is weatherproof. Anyone have any recommendations? Of course I could just mount an ACR122U behind my vinyl siding, but the read may not be totally reliable given the extra material between my hand and the reader (and I’d have to test first with my laptop).


Hmm interesting. Basically all you need to mount outside is the antenna, and that can be made waterproof easily enough. I’ve used plastidip while others have used various polymers and sealers. In the case of the ACR122U, removing the PCB from the plastic case should improve things a bit.