Website Suggestion: Services offered by Partners

Greetings, First time posting.

I recently reached out to one of the listed partners on the website ( only to find out they only do RFID/NFC implants, not biomagnets.

It may be useful for the map to also include what services are offered by each partner, in an effort to save a step.

That said, I’m looking for someone in the NC area who can professionally implant an m31 once they are available. If anyone has any leads, please let me know!

ah yeah, sorry about that… we did mark the map with blue and red markers for partners… you can see a legend on he page that indicates blue markers are for chip implants only, red markers do chip and magnet and flex implants, and yellow markers are biohackers who might want to get together and chat :slight_smile:

We’ll review this and see if we can make it clearer.

Wow, you are absolutely right. Mea Culpa. I was looking at the tooltip that pops up specifically and ignoring the rest.

Sorry DT Team, I’m a numbskull.

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Hah no… we were already considering a filter style mechanism that changes the markers on the map based on what you want to do. The current system is unsustainable as we get more partners signed on some need to improve things anyway :slight_smile: