Wellsfuku thru paypal doesn't accept your site. =/


I got $$ of my own hard earned cash to spend and I cannot do that here dangerousthings! Neither going thru all the BS with confirming my bank account then attempting a purchase, NOR would my husband’s card it self work with paypal guest payment with a debt card when I had him try it. Both say refused or not acceptable.
I do not know how to gain a bitcoin, the process is way to complicated.
Please fix whatever wellsfargo or paypal think is nefarious with your payment check out, so that I can fork over my hard earned money for some items, so you can make some money. I am so frustrated!


Hi fenfen,

I know how frustrating PayPal can be and when you add Wells Fargo to the mix good lord : What is it that you would like to order? I’ll come up with an invoice via PayPal and see if that improves matters. I’ll send your item(s) out in the morning, not a problem, just let me know what they are.

I’ll private message you the details.

My best,



2x of these https://dangerousthings.com/shop/pmk/
that’s $84.and some change. I’ve tried all day to get a litecoin but that’s way too complicated. Thank-you for your help, PM me soon!