What are the best locations for a microchip?

I know there are plenty of posts on here for suggested placement but ive looked through them already and there didn’t seem to be that many different locations. Im hoping someone could break it down for me I just recieved my xLED and im having a rough time deciding where it should go

The ideal location depends on two things; safety of the location and utility of the location. By utility I mean, what do you plan to do with your implant? How do you plan to present it to readers, and which kind of readers? Are they fixed in space (attached to a wall or embedded in a desk) or can you move the reader to you (like a smartphone). How will your body need to move and bend to properly present the implant to the reader at the optimal location and ideal orientation.

The requirement of safety and utility means there are some limits on where you might consider implanting a transponder. The safety aspect really just comes down to placing it somewhere that offers at least 5mm of tissue between the surface of the implantable transponder and bone.