What are the weirdest place(s) that you have felt magnetic fields?

Hey everyone! I have two xG3 v1’s, one in each knifes edge. I got the first one about a year ago and the other about 6 months ago. Ever since implanting them I have discovered a ton of objects that I expected to be able to feel (microwaves, power supplies, etc.) and every once in a while objects that I really didn’t expect (but probably should have) like stovetops and soldering irons. One of the weirdest things I have felt but didn’t expect was just randomly walking on the street in LA and suddenly feeling something vibrating both of them… still not sure what it was, maybe a HV transformer underground?
Anyway, this sparked a question. What have y’all been surprised about feeling after implanting a biomagnet?

My fave is when I use my hair trimmer. My titan goes mental.


induction hob. power tools and my all time favourite my phone speakers on high volume

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first time i sensed a vibrator was funny and unexpected

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The card slot of certain ATMs.

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Ooh I wonder if the ones that make it tingle are the card skimmer ones….

I really hope not. It happened with every ATM of that brand I saw yet.

From my understanding, most card skimmers run on batteries so I doubt that you’d be able to feel them.

Is it the motor that feeds the card into the reader?

i tryed today in a postbank and i felt nothing.

Try Sparkasse

I don’t know, might be, I’ll try to listen to it next time

Hmm so maybe it’s the card skimmers that we can’t feel….

Hmmm “bio hackers uncover international card skimming ring”


A lot of card readers have a solenoid lock that keeps the card from being pulled out, maybe that’s what you’re feeling? Might be another good thing to check for.

i work with a lot of electronics at my shop day to day but the weirdest one was when i busted out my old heavy soldering gun when i went to use it it hunmed lie it dose but the feild it puts off is so strong that my magnet decided to lose its mind more then i have ever felt yet funny thing and why it was weird and supriseing was i was using my other hand without the magnet in it and it still went crazy you could see it vibrate under the skin b other then that i forget it is there until i come i proximity of metal objects or if electronics at my shop.

I was having a video chat with a friend on my MacBook and could feel them talking through the speaker. The speaker is just a big magnet so I should have realized that would happen but I didn’t and was really distracted by it!