What chip can I clone a ISO 14443-3A card (Mifare DESFire EV2 4k card) onto?

Hey there. I’m just getting into BioHacking and are doing research on what kind of chip I would need to go about my daily tasks.

The most important thing for me is the option to have my work card in my hand. I’ve scanned the access card for work with my phone and have figured out that it is a ISO 14443-3A card. The app also says that it is a NXP - Mifare DESFire EV2 4k card. With that in mind, what card should I get?

In addition I want to use it to lock/unlock my gym locker. You can use any RFID card to do so and up until now I’ve used my work or debit card.

From what I have been able to figure out, both the VivoKey Sparks and the flexDF2 DESFire supports ISO 14443-3A. Can I go either or? What about the VivoKey Apex Flex?

If I for some reason can’t clone my access card and my place of work allows me to use a custom chip as an access card, which one should I go with? That meaning they programme the chip in my hand similar to how they programme cards for new employees.

The fact that the VivoKey Apex Flex works with Fidesmo, meaning I can add my Curve card to it is defintely also an added benefit.

A few things:
Desfire is proprietary. Not just any iso14a chip can replace it, only a desfire chip.
You cannot clone desfire. You’ll have to enroll it. You’ll need either an xdf2 or flexdf2.
Even though apex is fidesmo, it cannot do payment.

Thank you. I take it then that means if I get a xdf2 or flexdf2, my place of work would have to manually configure it similar to how they do with cards for new employees, right? I assume since it has 13.56MHz ISO14443A it would also work with my gym lockers.

Also, are there any chip that does payment through Fidesmo?

It should.

No. Mastercard/visa have ideological/political issues with implants.

I see, thanks! Seems like I would need two chips then. A xdf2/flexdf2 for my access card and VivoKey Apex Flex if I want to use it for OTP such as Fido.

Yeah, Most llikely.

One thing to consider would be the DESFire of your work, and how it is implemented.
If it has been set up “properly” then a FlexDF2 would be your best bet ( xDF2 will not couple as well with the readers as a Flex ) and get it enrolled

IF, your work system simply uses UID for access ( Unlikely, but possible ), you could in theory get your Apex Flex enrolled and this would work.
To test this, Scan your Work card with TagInfo

You would be looking for something like this… Infact, Hoping you don’t have this

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