What do you use your implant for?

I haven’t been able to find any real uses for my NExT chip yet. I’ve had it soft a year, used it a lot in a short period to unlock a shed at my old job, but other than that I haven’t really used it. Most places where I think it’s nice to use, just doesn’t read my chip. I’d love to be able to unlock my apartment door, pay, or something with it. But that haven’t been possible.

What do you use your chip for?


I use mine in conjunction with the KBR1 reader as my Windows password- https://dangerousthings.com/product/kbr1/ makes it feel secure and convenient, as you have a secure password without having to type it each time.

I also (until recently) used a Samsung front door deadbolt for my house, which I programmed to use with my chip. Which means, that for the two years I was using it, I didn’t have to carry a house key. Or, I guess, I did carry a house key, but it’s inside my body :slight_smile:

Also, my implant is the xSIID so I just enjoyed showing off the blinkies inside my body. That in and of itself is a great feature/use, for me.


As @4nti does, I use it as a Windows login. I also use it as my house key. I haven’t carried keys for 4 years. It’s great, and my pant last longer because I’m not putting holes in the pockets.

One of the cool things I use it for, though, is showing people and explaining what the chip is and what it can doe. Most of the examples are what I’ve done and examples I’ve pulled from people here on the forum.

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flex one/ apex:

  • OTP
  • SSH
  • GPG
  • NDFEF vcard + healthcare info
  • password manager (pass) authentication


  • party tricks :slight_smile:

I use the NExT HF side to open my garage door which I use as the entry to my house. The LF side opens all of the doors in my work building as well my parking space in the adjacent building (I have access to my work’s HID reader system so I added the parking garage as a valid id).

The HF side also contains my contact details as a business card.

The only key I now carry is for my car and hopefully soon there will be an app on the Apex which will deal with that too.

My toolbox at work unlocks with it. So I use it every single workday.

Keys suck.

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Every day:
My front door
My car
My office door
And one time passwords

My dad’s front door
Home automations
And logging in for stats on killer queen arcade


The HF side for my laptop and my work business card (hoping to add my primary vehicle and garage door soon"tm")
The LF for access control at customer sites :sweat_smile:

Front Door
Garage Door

Probably monthly:
Office Door
Party Tricks


Tap To Pay?

I didn’t use my xEM for years, until I bought a https://flipperzero.one, which made it easy to clone 125 KHz low-security badges, for entry into gates.

When I first got my xNT, I modified my motorcycle to read my implant and start. I haven’t had that bike for a few years.

My FlexNT is perfect to use as a business card as it’s easy-to-read on pretty much any phone.

I use my finger magnet every day to diagnose electrical problems, identify the grade or type of metal I’m touching, and to pick up small magnetic tools.

I use the Apex Flex with PGP things, but I’m stuck on RSA 2048 for now.

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I used my NExT as my apartment key and business card.
xSIID is used as a party truck/Rick roll
xEM that I plan on using to unlock my car, and I found an NFC push to start with alarm for my car that I’ll use my NExT for. Just need to find someone with more car knowledge than me to help install the bits and bobs lol
xG3v1 and v2 for diagnosing problems at work, holding screws or finding dropped screws, and bar tricks.
FlexMT is still sitting in it’s packaging because I can’t find an installer. Planned use is for hotels and work.

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I just implanted my NExT. So far I’ve only used the Ntag with Home Assistant to flip lights off and on in my home. I’m still trying to think of some useful ideas. Once I can properly read/write to the T5577, I’m going to use it to open a gun safe.

I’m also going to build a couple of these readers:

I’ve ordered parts and 3d printed the case. I’m just waiting for everything to arrive in the mail so I can solder it together.

Let me know how it goes! And if you need any help with it let me know.

It’s cool to see people using the stuff I made :slight_smile:


I have a NeXT, I use the LF side for door access to my office and areas around the campus. HF side kinda does nothing atm. Did want to use it as a contact card but iOS is dumb.
Side note, how does everyone do the business card?

As of last night now have a xBT in my left arm. and I use it for checking my body temp with the Flipper Zero.