What happened to RyscCorp?

As the title says What happened to Ryscc? They seemed to have fallen off the face of the internet. I have a proxmarkpro and was curious to see if they had upgraded there firmware. When I went to look for them they where gone.

Where have you looked?
GitHub? When was their last activity?
I don’t do Social Media, but a lot of companies have an presense using S.M.
Otherwise, have you tried Linkedin? or the individual employees?

Last post on Twitter was from August 22 2020, FB last post is December 9 2019 and their website is no longer. Their GitHub doesn’t show much besides one repository. My guess is they didn’t survive the pandemic unfortunately.

Yes that’s my fear as well. I wish they would have opened there firmware before going though

Mate, It might still be worth asking, They have nothing to loose

Here’s their linkedin Page with employees listed


I sent them a message on Facebook hopefully they respond