What if i am canadian

There are a few of us in canada, what do you have in mind?

You lost me here.


Order would be my guess… I.e. can I order stuff from DangerousThings if I am in Canada.

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Mhmm, ‘command’ as in French for Order.

Are you in Quebec @Roucoul7424 ? Not sure of installers out that way but as far as receiving your order you’ll have no problems.

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yes exactly (sorry for command i thought it was how we say order) (in french order is commande so…)


@anon2520759 where are the installers is there any in canada (like in ontario)?

there are a few on map.dangerousthings.com but any piercer should be able to do it if you convince them (https://dngr.us/guide).


In June/July there’s a new piercing/tattoo studio opening up in Barrie, Ontario called “Ninja Cyborg Studio” which is co-owned by Russ Foxx who I can vouch is amazing and has done hundreds of DT installs. Bit of a drive from QC though…

Russ usually does West to East coast tours once or twice a year but with the pandemic that’s not really viable. Definitely check the partner map that yeka mentioned above, or I can try to ask some Montreal-based friends to see if they know anyone there.


thank you very much guys but i don’t think i’ll implant myself a chip so soon

What if i am canadian

im so sorry but medicine hasnt evolved enough to fix that for you! i wish you the best in trying to not be canadian tho! /s


No need to be sorry, your English is better than my French these days (I did 5 years of French in High School, but that was last Millennium (1981-1986).

I was going to make a joke about multilingual/bilingual/American but I figured it might not be appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

no I think this joke is very funny (I speak French so I am sometimes wrong and when it happens to me I find it funny so … it’s ok)

I know it’s normal French is more difficult than English (talk about grammar and all the rules)

English pronunciation is hard… French is relatively straightforward as letters are usually pronounced the same way every time.

I don’t know of any French equivalent of “ough”.

Tough, though, thought, through, trough, bough,…

Uff, oh, aw, oo, off, ow…

How is that supposed to make sense?

yeah i know but the grammar is far more easier in english

(google translate also help me a bit)

who cares about prononciation :laughing: :rofl:

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I’m in Calgary and have 11 implants (10 from DT) shipping is awesome from dangerous things.

Get all the implants you want :slight_smile:

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My favourite french fun is 80.

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You haven’t tried Gaelic then… :slightly_smiling_face:

I could have guessed that, but with some of the folks we get on here, I wasn’t so certain. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m in BC and can also vouch for the excellent service and quick delivery time.