What implant is compatible?

I have a Mifare Classic access card I want to clone to an implant. Taginfo says 14443-3 (type A) and 14443-2 (type A) compatible. Do anyone know if this implant will work? xNT NFC Chip | RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products

Thanks in advance😊

The xNT will not work for this. You cannot clone any card to the xNT, the UID is fixed from the factory.

If the card is specifically a Mifare Classic 1k, either the xM1 or the flexM1 should work :smiley:

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Let’s confirm first that your card is a 1k classic… can post the memory contents from a full scan? or confirm the ID is 4 bytes in the format XX:XX:XX:XX and not 7 bytes XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX … that’s the first thing.

Oh also, do you have a proxmark3?

It says MIFARE Classic EV1 (MF1S50) under IC type, and the ID has this format XX:XX:XX:XX :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. I’m using Taginfo on a Samsung Galaxy A70.

this is not a typical “old school” classic 1k … it’s a “new” “classic” “evolution 1” chip hah… so strange how they’ve painted themselves into a corner there.

In order to do anything with this chip, you will need a proxmark3 if there are any memory blocks that are protected with access bits. If they are all wide open with no access bits set and no data written, then you can get away with just cloning the ID into a flexM1 gen2 (but only the gen2) using an app called MCT and your phone… but if there are any access bits set, or if you want to use the xM1 or flexM1 gen1a, then you’re back to needing a proxmark3 to do the cloning.


So if I can have the security people just register the implant on my user, will I be able to use the nXT then?:thinking:

Possible, I’d try it with a NTAG card or sticker first. Some systems just check the ID, if it’s able to read NTAGs (like xNT NExT …), yes you could enroll your implant.