What implant should i get?

not sure if im posting in the right category but ok
im totally new to all of this… :sweat_smile:
im looking to get an implant thats the “newest and greatest” that can pay with nfc use it as a transport card unlock smart locks gym tags unlock phones etc… easy to program even “plug and play” im currently looking into the Magneto Bundle (yes i also want a magnet)
is there a better option?
the main uses i want to get out of the implant are nfc payments, unlock my phone, share links through the chip etc
thank you in advance :slight_smile:

So first off, all of this functionality will not be able to be done with a single implant.

With payment, this is complicated, as it depends on where you are in the world, all of them expire, and what works and doesn’t is constantly changing.

For your transit card and gym pass, it depends on what tag type they use for if this can even be cloned. The NXP Taginfo app will probably be able to tell you.

For unlocking your phone, it is also complicated. If you use an iPhone, the answer is no (afaik). If you use an Android, the answer is maybe, but you would have to root your phone (idk of there are even options to do this anymore). If you could do this, it definitely wouldn’t be “plug and play” like you are hoping for.

Lastly, for sharing links, that should be easy with a NDEF capable implant such as the next, xsiid, next2 (soon hopefully), xnt, and others.