What is the executable storage capacity of the xNT

Please forgive my nomenclature I’m a bit Rusty concerning this stuff but I have an idea for writing UCM’s to the xNT for download and use in .DGN & .DWG files along with writing relational data base structures to be translated and executed directly to files on a workstation (I’m guessing as DXT files though I’m not sure how to do that yet on a Mac) or I’m thinking it could be zip or a tar ball…
Looking for ideas and suggestions
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The xNT is not well suited for storage… these implants are not meant to be mass storage mediums. The xNT is based on the NTAG216 chip which has 888 bytes of user programmable memory space… so not even 1k. That space is meant for use with NFC’s primary data protocol NDEF, which is geared toward storing vCard data (contact data), URLs, or other types of small data structures.

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I guess I’m getting little ahead of myself (happens a lot when I get Really Excited with New Technology) This All Looks and Sounds Like A Lot of Fun and so far I’m Loving it. Is there anything coming down the pike more suited for mass storage? Could you sorta briefly teach me or point me to appropriate information sites or other community forums to supplement yours where I could learn what other types of small data structures the xNT is suited for? I don’t mean to be a nudje.
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Definitely check the specifications sheet linked to on the product page. Other data sheets include the ISO14443 specification and NFC forum spec docs.

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Well I just maxed out my first xNT in OS X time for another one this next one I’m going to get aquatinted with android pay day is next week my personal tech budget is kind of lean right now so I’m going to have to wait for more fun stuff from DT