What is the ideal place for the xBTi?

I’ve the xBTi here and I’m asking myself what is the best place for it?
Are there some experiences?
Where will it get the most of the body temperatur? arm, shoulder, torso(which area)?

Thx for your experiences and opinions, ra2o2

I’d say the skin in the area just above or below the arm-pit. Not in the fold of the skin of the pit itself, but in the torso just under the arm pit, or the inner-arm area just above it. Basically somewhere that is close to your core and will be surrounded by tissue when your arm is down to your side.

Thank you for your idea, I have the same opinion but a little scared because of the lymph nodes in this area. What they think about an area adjacent to a strong vein in neck area for example.

The lymph nodes should be irrelevant because the idea is that the tag will only go subdermally, in the fascia tissue that connects the skin to muscle and lower level tissues. Placing it deeper into the body, where contact with lymph nodes could occur, is not recommended.

Alright then, I will give it a try in the next time.
and thank you for your conclusion.


Hi! Restarting this thread, rather than creating a new one.

I just received the xBT, and I’m still a bit confused as to best placement. Could you please annotate the attached drawing? It’s from a slightly different perspective than your previous upload. I’m primarily looking for more Proximal/Distal spacing.

Secondly, I’d like to do a temperature graph over time. Do you know of an NFC system that could be used to monitor the sensor at discrete intervals? Preferably without wires, but doesn’t need to store a lot of data. A use case for this is doing a short workout, and seeing how body temperature changes during different activities. I fully acknowledge I may be asking the impossible.


Great image! I’ve updated it, removing the shirt line to make it more unisex.

The blue and red lines are locations and orientations the xBT performs pretty good in. The orientation you prefer doesn’t really matter though… it’s just a preference issue. Personally I like the blue orientation… easier to install.

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Oh, nice. That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!