What is the shelf life of the Titan sensing biomagnet?

Hello, I just recently purchased a Titan biomagnet and I wanted to know how long it could set on the shelf before I had it professionally implanted. I know that the magnet is supposed to last for years in the body, but the sterilization of the magnet is unlikely to remain for years on the shelf. I intend to have it installed between 6 months to a year.

In an effort to increase shelf life, would it be a good idea to place the box in an air-tight bag with oxygen absorbers, vacuum seal the bag, then place that bag in the fridge to inhibit bacterial growth?

Thanks for your feedback.

Sterilization can last for up to 5 years as long as the sterilization pouch remains sealed and isn’t subjected to mechanical stress or excessive handling.

Leave it in it’s original packaging, its well protected as is.


Thanks for answering my question.

I live in a hot climate. My house can sometimes get well over 100 degrees F before I get back to turn on a cooler. Should I worry about that?

You could always leave it in the freezer I suppose. I don’t think the glue sealing the packaging will care about levels of cold one would find in a freezer. Now heat on the other hand… Glue hates heat. Just don’t take it in and out frequently, or everything will get wet from condensation.

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I’d place it in an airtight container with a desiccant bag in that particular case.


I would just leave it out. Temperature cycling between the extreme of the freezer and ambient even once or twice will do more damage to the sterilization pouch then a few hundred cycles from 30-40°C and back. Just leave it in the box in a closet or something that doesn’t get direct sunlight, and don’t open the box or handle the pouch.


It’s a good point.

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Also in the worst case, it should be possible to sufficiently sterilize it with chlorhexidine. You could even do a multi-stage bath, like alcohol then chlorhexidine. I did that to one of my xG3s and it didn’t have any problems. As long as you don’t have it autoclaved it’ll be fine.