What Microchip Implants Should I Get? (Contactless Payment, Unlock Doors, Security Codes, etc.)

Hello there!
I’m very new to the Biohacking Sphere, so please excuse the fact that I may get things wrong.

I’ve heard of DangerousThings through this mini-doc by Freethink: I Got a Chip Implanted in a Biohacking Garage - YouTube

I’ve been interested in getting an implant ever since I saw a video by The Thought Emporium regarding magnet implants, it must’ve been this one: The Complete Guide to Magnet Implants - YouTube

And, as I can tell, DangerousThings has magnets as well:

Which is great!

Generally, most products listed by DangerousThings are fascinating to me, but I do not understand the lingo at all, for example:

I am just writing this post to maybe ask for general help and understanding regarding what microchips and technology I want to look into without getting on the wrong path.

What do I mean with “wrong path?” Well, I’ve heard of this Microchip from “Walletmor” that allows to do contactless payments, but it seems to be an insane security risk and the way it works is unnecessarily complex (it’s essentially a separate bank account that you need to top up, instead of just emulating the card chip of your credit cards, which, as I understand it correctly, is what Google Pay or Apple Pay does, so it should be possible with a special chip too), hence I want to go to something less institutionalized and more in the maker / biohacking space as understanding the technology behind what I’ll implant into my own body sounds far more reasonable. I would obviously wish for these devices to work, but I’d also like it to be a learning experience for me, if than makes sense. As someone more knowledgeable with software/programming, I learned that understanding something from the ground up gives me far more control over it and also allows me to think of doing things with I that I wouldn’t think of otherwise.

TL;DR / So, my general question is:
What do I need to do contactless payments, share info via NFC etc. and unlock doors, cars, computers, etc.?

I understand RFID on a basic level, at least to the point where I can see why it doesn’t require a power source. As far as I can tell, to program such RFID chips I need special machinery, which is sometimes shipped with kits sold on this site, correct?

Additionally, obviously, to unlock all of the aforementioned devices, whatever I wish to unlock needs to be compatible with the same security protocols, right?

I personally own a Yubikey with NFC functionality, could, for example, the NExT (which has an NFC and RFID chip), replace that Yubikey?

If I wanted to utilize the features listed here:

What can this chip implant do?
• Some types of access control applications
• Share data with NFC enabled smartphones
• Trigger events on NFC devices like smartphones
• Scan this chip implant to log into your computer
• Copy LF chip IDs to this product, but HF chip ID is set

Can all of these be used at once? Will the NFC chip be ‘occupied’ if I use it, for example, to share data with NFC enabled smartphones (I’ve seen videos where contact details can be shared, like vCards as QR codes but a million times cooler), does that mean I could no longer use it to unlock doors etc.?

Would I need multiple chips? Are multiple chips possible in the same hand / arm?

The reason I’m asking this is because I’ve heard from this report that this person in Sweden is capable of doing all that - unlock doors, pay, etc.: ID, Wallet, Keys All In Your Hand: Sweden Moves Into The Future With Microchipping | Nightly News - YouTube

In the report, sadly, they don’t go into detail what technology is used here or what chips this person is using, but that must mean what I want is generally possible, right?

Does DangerousThings also sell chips that allow contactless payments? Are there reasons against this technology?

What I generally want is the chips that can do what I mentioned above, I know a very well rated and trustworthy implant/piercing studio in Berlin (Naked Steel), which I’ve talked to many times, so I would get them implanted by professionals. Additionally, I’d obviously need the hardware to control and program these chips, as well as the devices / cards to test their functionality.

I’d love to have such a lab at home to begin my transhumanist journey. If you could give me some advice on what I want, or what I should read into, please let me know!

I’ll be here to respond to any questions in case I didn’t explain my ideas clearly enough!

Thanks to everyone in advance!


I’ll start by mentioning that Mastercard dislikes the idea of implants so this is significantly harder than it should. However, there are a few payment implants available or you can get an NFC only card converted into an implant.

With regards to using a chip for multiple purposes, it depends on what parts of the memory are used by each application. Most locks will only use the chip’s UID and ignore the rest so you can have your business card on an xNT and use it to unlock your front door as well.

There’s a 2FA chip in the works, the VivoKey Apex. And it should be available relatively soon.

But do note that you might need to get a couple of implants to get all of the functionality that you want.


Herzlich Willkommen! :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s all at once. You have the HF part where you can store data in it, to be read by NFC smartphones, or to trigger events if you have the right tools on your phone. Not sure about copying the LF ID though.

You can scan it to login to your computer with the right reader like the KBR1.

Did you read this very informative thread?

For payment, since you seem to be based in Germany, Walletmor is an option for you.

You can have several implants in the same hands, they just need to be implanted with sufficient space between them. Check the Implant Sutra - An index of implant positions that have been discussed and/or tried

Digiwell carries several DT items in the online store and they’re located in Germany.


Thank you so much for the help! All of my basic questions have been answered, as well as many more.

I’ll inform myself more about it, read the suggested forum posts, and come back if anything seems unclear to me! Thank you!

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