What should I make

I’m about to join the local Hackerspace in the town where I live and suddenly have access to a bunch of toys I don’t own currently:

Industrial laser cutter
Multiple 3D printers
Small scale CNC machine

Which begs the question, what should I make first?

A CNC’d metal DT sign with 3D printed inserts and a wooden border that’s laser engraved with with PCB traces.

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Not a bad idea for a first project. I’d have to make a space in the back of the 3d printed insert to hold a chip so the whole thing can be scanned by a phone and link straight to the DT website or forum.

Do the PCB traces go anywhere/do anything or just look cool on the outside of the border?

That would be cool! Maybe laser engraved traces, and a few LEDs scattered around with traces going to them?

A new tattoo/scar