What to do with a MiFare Plus

A bank decided to send me a card out of the blue today. This is apparently an account offer.

So I have a card that my Proxmark3 Easy identifies as:
Possible types:
[+] MIFARE Plus 2K/4K / Plus EV1 2K/4K
[+] MIFARE Plus CL2 2K/4K / Plus CL2 EV1 2K/4K

Any suggestions on what use I might be able to put this to?

A bit more poking and it turns out it is a MiFare Desfire. Any suggestions on what I could do with that?

unfortunately, you couldn’t just grab and copy to a:-

What form factor is it?
is this an option?


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I could convert it maybe? Is it contactless only or is it dual interface?

Also chances are it is not actually DESFire but has DESFire emulation. Chances are very high it is a java card secure element chip.

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Dual interface.

This was sent to me as a promotion in the hopes that I would activate it and deposit my pay with them.

It is unactivated, and I am not planning on activating or using it. Personally I think that this is a very dubious way of doing business (it doesn’t say that it is only an offer until you start reading the small print in the 15 page booklet. My first thought was it was an attempt at identity theft.)

I will probably poke at it a bit more just to see how locked down it is, and assuming it is locked down will probably just destroy it. Usually I am only sent contact based chip cards, so this is just an interesting toy at this point.

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