What's it gots in it's pocketses?

The subject came up in a different thread, but here is the Everyday Carry Thread.

What things do you carry with you always?

My normal stuff…
A wallet containing cards… Bank, Driver’s License, Green Card,…
A coin purse
A rose gold Claddagh wedding ring
A Dual frequency RFID/NFC ring
A Mi Band 3 fitness Tracker
Two keyrings (duplicates of one another) one in a keyport pivot 1.0 with a Yubikey 4, the other in a slughaus nano these contain one house key, three jeep keys.

Not shown a motorola moto g7

Next post… The less normal stuff.

I’ll post later when I’m in a location I’m allowed to use camera

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Now we move onto the less common-ish…

Diodrio pouch containing an olight i3T EOS Flashlight, an Opinel No.08 Carbone, and a fisher space pen bullet in brass.

The second wallet which will become my third post along with the third keyring which I forgot to photograph…

An Aukey 10,000 mAh power pack (phone cable not shown).

A Drop path convertible CR2 flashlight.

In case you are wondering I have several pairs of 5.11 Tactical TDU trousers, with lots of pockets. Everything fits neatly and they don’t get in the way.

If I posted a pic it would be barren so I’ll just list what I carry.

  1. Phone
  2. Vape

That’s about it. Sometimes wireless earphones.


Keyport pivot with the troublesome deviant hooligan set from hooligan keys, plus one.
This is a compilation of common “keyed alike” keys.

Sparrows SERE Wallet, one side is a Sparrows Hall pass the other is a signal mirror. The contents and sides are laid out in two rows.

FSF USB membership card with a live Linux distribution.

Fresnel Lens (in a plastic sleeve)

Tiny Survival Card, the card is magnetic, but the metal pieces are attached to a Grim Workshop card with reusable adhesive on one side and a photoluminescent coating on the other side.

Tiny Survival guide - This unfolds into a fairly large double sided sheet.

600/1000 grit Diamond hone - stored in a small tyvek envelope.

The signal mirror side of the Wallet.

The next row has the elastic band at the start, and then…

A carrier card for an SD card adapter and ten micro-sd cards

Ouverture-fine lockpick card

Toool emergency lockpick card

Deviant Decoder Card from Redteamtools

Dangerous Things Diagnostic Card

The other end of the wallet, a Sparrows Hall pass.

And that is it for everyday.

Besides the survival cards, I have very much the same

I feel like a hook isn’t something I need to carry, I can scrounge or make one with knowledge and tools… also dying of hunger isn’t a large concern for me, think most people have a solid 2 weeks without food

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Oh, how is the Sparrows wallet? I have a 3d printed wallet that I keep a hall pass in with a few cards so I am curious if that is a reliable wallet.

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I live on the Oregon Coast, wild areas are within walking distance. The nearest city with a supermarket is 25 miles away (the one I live in has one too, but…) I carry the tiny Survival Card because it is so small and has useful things like a needle and a spare button. The booklet is lightweight and a handy reminder if I need it.

I have had it about two weeks (it replaced a similar one where the plates were just metal plates). The hall pass side is almost identical to the hall pass, it has a second small divot on one end for the band. So far it seems good. The other one I carry is a bit harder to get cards in and out of, and this one might provide a bit less RF shielding, but I think I prefer this one.

I gave my old hall pass to my wife.

Sigh. I thought about contributing here, but realized that my dresses and skirts all have… no pockets.



As well as lint and occasionally a mobile phone.


So i saw the thread and checked my pockets. Here you go.

A dog shit Bag
Some Masks
lil stabby

more important: Whats in my wallet?

Here a small peak

fuckn huge old wallet that just has old bills trash stickers cards and some copper coins inside xd

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Mine would be rather barren as well so

  1. Phone
  2. Vape
  3. Wallet (includes DT diagnostic card)

Obviously you need to adopt the use of a Sporran. Admittedly when I’m wearing a kilt the Sporran usually just has my “real” wallet and one set of keys in it.

  • Smartphone, cable, powerbank, Diagnostic card
  • driving license
  • passport
  • sometimes my wallet
  • FFP2 masks and gloves
  • some sweets
  • medicaments (headache)
  • key for the lock at work, and rfid tag for the coffeemachine at work (doesn’t work with the implant)
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Fountain Pen + cartridges
DT diagnostics card
Magic gen 1a Mifare Classic 1K
Mifare Ultralight
Proxmark 3 RDV 4.01
Chameleon REV G
20000 mA powerbank (powercore something)
southord lockpick set
Tool for measuring tolerances (which I use to decode combination locks)
USB with Kali on it
Micro-USB cable
USB-C cable
The dreader white cloner
2 port USB power adapter
1TB external hard drive

Some of these have been added last year or so, which has been a year I haven’t left the apartment so will probably put it on a diet.

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