What's the best place for an apex flex / flexClass type implant?

Im curious how comfortable the back of the hand would be, or if it fits nicely where most cylindrical transponders go. Show off your implants too :slightly_smiling_face:

I have my flexClass in the back of my right hand and it’s totally fine.

Wow it looks so good! My hands arepretty boney so it worries me that there wont be much ‘protection’ but i failed bio.
Also what install method did you choose, needle or knife?

I have mine just above my wrist in my forearm (until I get it removed. Working on it!). It’s generally comfortable, though sometimes I can feel it pushing on my skin when I flex my wrist. (Like having a small watch a little too far down on the wrist)

That’s very descriptive, thanks. On that note, im assuming it might be obnoxious to wear a watch over top of

I think the flexDF2 is basically the same as those implants you mentioned and I have mine in position R4. It’s been done via scalpel (I highly recommend that approach; with anesthesia, it wasn’t even uncomfortable) about a month ago, and everything is perfect so far. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know what the R4 is, check this out: Naming convention for implant locations in the hand

Especially the “Specific difference between position 4 and 5” video. :slight_smile:

Taken just now:

…and with some GIMP magic (not sure how accurate this actually is :rofl: ):


giphy (6)

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r3 or 4 might be my top pics with this info

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Here is what I got…

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Let my bank Account catch up and that’ll be me :joy:


I too keep going back and forth with this question. Originally I wanted the knife edge, but after hearing about how that area can be problematic I decided to move it to R4. I have thin hands so wasn’t sure if that would be ok or if it would put stress on the flex.

So it’s still R4 or maybe even R3. I just worry about the accuracy of the install to ensure it is perfectly placed between metacarpals. Worried about discomfort or ruining the flex.


i feel that but im sure it’ll just be changed to excitement when i get one