What's the difference between the xNT NFC Tag and the FlexNT NFC Tag?

Hi there I was thinking about getting an xNT NFC implant but then I noticed you guys have a new set of transponders and was wondering is there any major differences between the xNT NFC Tag and the FlexNT NFC Tag? Which one should I get? And where should I implant the FlexNT NFC Tag can I implant it where the xNT would go? Also how do they implant the FlexNT and should I maybe get the Flex beta instead? Thanks - BioHacker101

They use the same chip - NTAG216 - but the primary difference is performance and installation method. This thread talks about people’s experience with the flexNT.

However, while the flexNT outperforms the xNT, the installation is currently orders of magnitude more involved. The xNT is simply injected… a professional body piercer can easily do this. The flexNT requires a scalpel, a dermal elevator, and sutures to stitch the wound closed. This is beyond what most body piercing shops can do for you… but not all. We do have a partner map that does categorize professionals a bit so you know who you can talk to.


Thank you for the reply :smiley: So I might go for the xNT for the easier install method :slight_smile: So how much of a performance drop will I see like will more devices be compatible with the FlexNT? And if I go for the Flex should I try out the beta model? Thanks! :smiley:

Well, I’d say that if you want to go with the xNT, you should also pick up an xLED in the 13.56mhz band. It will help a lot I think. Watch the video on the xLED product page… at the end there is a comparison between the xNT and flexNT with an ACR122U reader.

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Thanks for the links and suggestion :slight_smile: I think I might just go for the FlexNT now because of the performance :slight_smile: Where would you implant the FlexNT can I implant it where I would implant the xNT? And can you tell me the difference between the FlexNT and the Flex Beta? Thanks for all the help! :smiley:

It depends on what you want to do with the implant. For the flexNT, the back of the hand is basically the most logical for most applications… or just above the wrist in the arm (not over the joint). The xNT goes between index and thumb metacarpals… in the squishy bit that forms the webbing between those two fingers.

I would take your time to read all the detail and expanded sections on the xNT product page… read everything… learn up before you decide.


@amal, Hi there I am still deciding which one to get :slight_smile: I was wondering about the FlexDF what does it do and what are the differences between the FlexDF and the FlexNT? Thanks! :smiley: - BioHacker101

Not trying to hijack the post, but since we’re discussing placement for the FlexNT…

I was thinking of getting mine implanted just below the wrist, perhaps an inch or two below the joint…would this be an ideal placement? I’m worried that the skin may be too thick in this area, which would hinder performance slightly.

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@Veldrin, I know this does not answer your question but If I get the FlexNT I might put on the back of my hand or on the side maybe even on my finger like they show in the pictures on the product page the wrist is also a good place :wink:

Skin thickness will not be a problem for the flexNT. The performance is much better than the xNT, and a few mm of skin will not affect it one way or the other.