Wheel lift with implant?

Hi community,

I’ve got a question regarding implants which I can‘t answer. Hope someone can guide me in the correct direction.
My mom has a wheel chair lift with a remote control. One button to lift up and a second to pull down. She asked me and I think about is there any chance to use one or two implants to replace that remote control which is very heavy and big. At the moment I don’t know which kind of frequency they use unfortunately.

Sounds like it is a 315 / 400MHz battery powered remote.
If it is, there won’t be a 1 for 1 implant option for you.

If you really want the lift to be implant operated, you will likely need to do some “significant” modifications to the lift system.

Could you take a photo of the system. Including the remote?

Thanks for the fast response. Sure. I‘m not at the place currently but will do.
Yeah modifications was what I expected.

Will take a pic and post it here

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A lot depending how it works,

You could use an XACv2 and wire it to “push” (bridge the contacts) a button on the remote

Depends a lot if it’s a single button press per cycle, or a held button (dead man switch style… probably for safeties :roll_eyes:)

How about actuating with reed switches?

It’s two held buttons on the remote (up/down)

Let’s get some more clarity here… what exactly are you thinking you want to do with the implants? How do you envision this system working with implants instead of the remote? Walk me through your mom’s use of implants in this scenario… what does that look like exactly?