When will Vivokey be out?


Am I way after to sign up for the vivokey-list? Linked https://forum.vivokey.com/t/flex-one-pre-order


Sadly, we hit snags that will push things well into January… but we’re still moving forward.

Sorry to say that the beta program is full… and it wouldn’t help speed things up for you if we did put you in the beta group… these snags are affecting availability for the beta group as well.

Is it out? Digiwell just listed the item as “in stock”.

I need to clear up some confusion… Digiwell has listed some incorrect information about the Spark.

VivoKey has two products… one product everyone knows about - the VivoKey Flex One… Java Card platform etc. It is a large flat flexible implant.

The other is a 2mm glass injectable we are calling the Spark. It does not support Java Card. It is an ISO15693 NFC type 5 tag that supports AES128 encryption, and works with our VivoKey platform which will be launching very soon. Everything about the Spark is meant to be plug and play. You do not program it with anything, the keys are set and locked as is the NDEF data. You can still use it for UID applications with 3rd party hardware (like the gunbox for example) but those applications are not the focus of VivoKey and while you’re welcome to use your spark with those 3rd party products, we are not supporting those scenarios.

We are doing a soft launch for VivoKey over the weekend, but we will have the Spark on the DT website within the next 24 - 48 hours. If you are in Germany, or neighboring country check out Digiwell and if you are in the UK, or neighboring country check out KSEC Solutions.

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So the Vivokey spark is now being sold, but there is still no app :confused: When are people going to be able to use the product you’re selling?

I have had one in my had for nearly a month and it still a brick until the app is released.

We had a last minute complication… a people problem not a technical problem. The app will be published this week. It is MVP… has bugs… but we will immediately start working on bug fixes and adding more features… expect updates.

Sweet, is there going to be issues with downloading it? do people need to be in a beta testing group in google play?

Also, do you think that any of the bugs have a possibility of bricking the spark?

It will be published in the general play store, not a special beta.

The Spark is definitely unbrickable. It’s configured by us and locked down completely.

That a call for more developers?

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First release. Much bugs. Wow.


Just had spark implanted (last week) - forgot to ask about forum access. Is it possible to gain access?

The VivoKey forum is only used for the private Flex One beta right now… Spark users will get their own access soon, once we release the API and enable VivoKey authentication for the forum.


Any updates on when the Vivokey flex one will be on sale to the public?

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Nothing specific yet but it is marching ever forward.


When you launch will you be sending to the UK or US only?


Dangerous Things ships globally.


yep, global :slight_smile:


Any news on release dates?


it’s creeping ever closer… slowly… but it’s creeping…