Where are your xG3s?

I want a sensing magnet but I also want a largerish magnet so I can lift small things(small screws for work). I was thinking an xG3 v1 might be best for me but I’m not sure where I should install it. Anyone have any spots that give a good bit of sensing without putting yourself at risk injecting a large magnet into your finger?

Evening ChuckyCheegles

Personally I can account for the xG3 v2; the stronger of the two variants, as I have it in the blade of my left hand.

It gives a surprising amount of sensing as well as impressive lifting ability (easily lifts a 2 pence coin here in the UK). Funny you should mention screws, I do use it for holding things like small screws from time to time. I will say that the skin is surprisingly thick in that area – something best kept in mind when planning your install.

Hope that’s of use :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve got a v1 in P5 on my right hand, and a v2 in P1 on my left hand. I’ve used the v2 to hold screws a lot, and I could use both for sensing when it came to welding and working on some industrial equipment. From reading what others have said about their fingertip magnets, I don’t think my sensing is great compared to theirs due to fingertips having more nerves than in P1 and P5. I can feel my microwave however, other than that, I haven’t really sensed much outside of work. I don’t regret the placements at all though since they’re handy when you’re searching for screws in the carpet lol
Here’s a photo of a few screws on my v2.

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I get some sensing from the v1. Practically none from the v2.
I use both for screws and components regularly.
For sensing they are not comparable to finger ones though. You’ll only sense quite strong sources.

That’s interesting, I didn’t expect a v2 to give any sensing (mine doesn’t :face_with_diagonal_mouth:). Do you have a different one to compare?
Or… get a pico! :joy:

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No sensing out of my V2, but amazingly useful!

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Ok so it seems like maybe an xG3 in P1 and a Titan in my left middle finger(when I eventually get the scratch together to buy it and find someone to do it). Anyone think the xG3 will effect my xEM in P0?

Nope, even if it was stuck on it (don’t do that for medical reasons) the xEM would still work.
What all magnets tend to affect is the compass on your phone so if you navigate with maps on your phone a lot while holding it consider that in your placement choice.
I keep my left hand magnet free for this and a couple other reasons.

Also if you’re gonna get a Titan you should probably go for an xG3 v2 to get the best of both worlds.

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I just worry about the read strength because it’s already hard to get coupled with most receivers I mess with. Also, I don’t plan on getting a Titan for a while and I like the idea of all my magnets having some utility beyond just sticking things to me. I might even remove the xG3 after I get the Titan. Either way, I like giving Dangerous Things all my money.


I’m vastly oversimplifying but the chips operate with high frequency magnetic fields, like AC in a way. A static magnet has a static field, like DC. The two don’t really impact each other unless you go into the extremes.
Also the field decreases by the cube law so at a few centimeters of the xG3 it just as low as the earth’s ambient field anyway :wink:

To be sure stick a magnet next to your xEM and try reading it. You shouldn’t see a difference

I also have a Titan in my ring finger tip.

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Okay! Interesting the v2 gives you goid sensing! I guess it has stuck well to the surrounding tissue so the rolling motion transfers to it

I have the xG3s V1 in my left ring finger tip, i use it extensively for sensing applications. The healing process was very difficult due to working at the fire department and having limited vacation time. On that note, the implant has saved me several times from touching live electrical lines while in full bunker gear. It also has proven to be exceptionally durable throughout my career.

Ok so I’ve seen people do this a lot but I feel like it must be a fairly large fingertip magnet. Isn’t it about the same size as an xSIID or other x series? I feel like if I put my xSIID in my finger it would limit movement and constantly poke out.

It’s larger in diameter xG3 3mmx15mm vs xSIID 2mmx15mm. I installed mine pretty deep and made sure there was atleast 4mm of pocket to heal ahead of the implant. This put the impant very close to my joint which was concerning, but it migrated away from it after healing. It’s been 2 years with it now and the only change in daily rituals is not being able to grip tightly with just my finger tips. The install was a religious experience for me, I wasn’t able to get the discontinued pain management kit.


That’s a really clean install! I wish I had the finger meat to fit one. Although I would be a bit concerned about not being able to grip with the fingertips :thinking:On the photo it looks like it’s far enough to the side that you could put pressure on the fingerpad, isn’t it?

Yeah, having relatively small hands made this install challenging, I almost opted for the Titan because of this. As for gripping, It’s off to the side enough to where it doesn’t interfere with putting pressure on the pad. If I grip something very tight with just my finger tips, it tends to roll the implant further into my finger which is unpleasant. The install area is much more sensitive than the rest of my finger now.

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I have one in the exact same spot lol

But i would advice everyone to not get a xg3 there…

The space there is limited and installation is risky.

And here are my other xg3s


Nice install, yeah I definitely agree it’s a extremely risky location . The healing process was very challenging for me.

Do you have problems with the G3’s on the sides of your hand ? I was concerned impact would be an issue in those locations.

I have a magnet in either hands ring fingers titan on left xg3v1 on right
1 xg3 in my left blade edge and one v2 in my arm above my wrist under a tattoo

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I assume both xG3s are V2? How did the install go for the one underneath the thumb? Also how comfortable is it? I might plan on getting one in that spot.