Where can I get cards/fobs for iclass legacy?

Hey, I am trying to clone an iclass legacy fob but not sure what to clone it on? I have blank LF t5577 fobs right not but not sure if I can clone the iclass legacy to them. Also where can I blank fobs for the iclass legacy?

Someone please point me towards the right direction.

iClass is HF, so the T5577 won’t do it for you.

Do you know if it NEEDS to be cloned?
i.e. Is it just using a UID for authentication? If so that becomes easier.

Do you know what sort of iClass it is, SE?

Is it possible to get a new one enrolled or are you try to do this under the RADAR?

Is you end goal to get this on an implant? or just to a Fob or Card?

What tools do you have? Proxmark3, Flipper Zero? iPhone?, Android? iCopy?

iClass is a tricky little bitch, If you can answer as many of those questions as possible, I’ll find you a link to get you started.

A photo of the card and Reader may help

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