Where can we get Apex Rings etc.?

I’ve been following these rings because of its payment capabilities too, but it’ not available here on the DT website, where can we get it? I also messaged & email them in social media etc. I know it’s an Apex flex implant too but what makes it different from the rings? Why can the rings do payments while flex implants cannot?

They are available for preorder at apexring.com.

The reason payments are available on the ring vs not on the implantable is the stigma and aversion of the credit card companies being associated with implants.

I am not associated with either company, just someone who has been following with interest.


Is the aversion because of privacy violation or something religious? Implants are more private than handheld credit/debit cards etc. You can even implement your MFA in it. The biological payment using your eyes, fingerprints, and palms, etc. they can be 3D printed! but this bio-chip implants you need to have the UID or PIN which can be copied if you only got a proxmark3 or nfca/rfid reader. It seems we can do alot more in this technology if we are not regulated, maybe someday we can store our DNA in our chips to replicate ourselves :rofl:.

Actually with many of the applications on Apex, you can’t get anything because they use actual cryptographic challenge response mechanisms. There’s no chance of getting anything useful even with a proxmark