Where to start my journey

Hello all

My job has key fob access to basically all the main doors in my building. I’ve always been the first person to try a new technology, and I’ll be the first person I know to do this. So I’m very interested in implanting an RFID chip. I purchased the card from dangerous things that states if it’s 13.56 or 125 hertz, and my access point is 125kh. What is my next step? Do I need to purchase the diagnostic card, or can I just purchase the XeD tag/implant and copier/reader?

I plan to experiment with other things such as padlocks and doorlocks once I get it implanted, but I want to make sure I am on the right track before I start injecting tags.

Thanks for the help!

Normally I’d say your first step should be to get our xEM Cloner and try to scan your access card. It would beep 2 times if the card was EM based or 3 times if HID Prox based. If no beeps, then who knows. Unfortunately we are not selling that cloner at the moment. I just commented on another thread as to why not.

At this point you can post details about the system, any information on the card, etc. to see if it’s possible to determine what kind of chip is used in your card, and if it can be cloned into our xEM tag.

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