Which beta to try


I am looking to get one of the flex implants. I am wondering which would be best. I will need it for storage of my information but also want it to last a long time as I test and report back. Amal, I am looking at FlexOne, FlexDF or FlexNT - with a lean towards the NT. I am on iphone currently but can get andorid to supplement this or would a reder/writer to my computer be best? Any suggestions are appreciated as this is a wicked exciting venture. Also, I am moving to Seattle soon, can this sync with mass transit?

Looking at this more, I apologize, I thought all glass tubes were being nixed. The xNT, is this slated to remain in operation?

What will enable me to write to the xNT? Thank you!

You can use an Android phone with NFC and either TagWriter or NFC Tools

Yes indeed… we have no plans to stop offering the xNT.